Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Fluffy post alert!
Dang, this is so pretty and it's on sale! My very first, and near all time favorite abaya is black, with a faux jacket and white embroidery down the front. It's well worn and loved, as I wear it often, paired with an obscenely bright scarf. Unfortunately, the love is beginning to show, as it's all pilled up almost everywhere. But, I still wear it, despite it's flaws, because it's so darn cool looking.
Now this new abaya almost has it all - It's black, and it's already got bight shiney stuff on it. If only it had a faux coat, but nothing is perfect.

Which will now lead me down memory lane - ahhh, fond memories of my trusty black faux coat abaya. I remember the first time I wore it, for eid in 02 I think. It was my take on saying "screw you society, I'm going to dress how I like, and if it shocks you, so be it!" Kinda like goths, except no freaky makeup. I loved how it was like a cloak and floated around me as I walked. Which now of course leads me to fondly remember college, where I could flip between abayas and a wisconsin shirt and jeans day to day. Haven't worked up the courage to wear abayas to work yet. It just doesn't seem like it would fit in a law office setting.

I haven't gotten a new abaya in like 2 years. I'm strongly leaning towards getting this for eid, cuz dude, it's black and shiney!

Ok, continuing to browse through their gulf abaya section. This one looks like it's faux coat, and it's got shiney stuff too!
I also like this one, although it's not shiney. It's very drapy, which I like, and has a funky circle thing on the back.
Their thobes are very pretty, although I feel like I should invest in one that's handmade my a little old Palestinian woman instead of getting one that's machine made.
Also, kaftans are excellent, but waaay too expensive. But, they have hoods, and hoods are just uber cool. I guess that's my inner Lord of the Rings dork talking. Maybe I should just invest in a good cloak instead.
Ok, enough fluffiness for the day, back to work I go.

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