Friday, August 3, 2007

Misleading CNN Headlines links to a local SF news source saying "19 detained in raid on muslim bakery." The actual news story itself carries the title Predawn Raids Target Troubled Oakland Bakery.

From what I remember reading in the past and from this bakery's own website, it's a Nation of Islam (aka NOI) operation or affiliation. Reviews of the place mention murals of Elijah Muhammad. According to the founder's obituary:

"I practice Islam as taught by Elijah Muhammad," Bey said in an interview in February. "His religion is a way of life. He has taught how to resurrect us from the dead state -- the so-called American Negro men. We're white people with black skin. It's all a mentality."

But, there's no mention of NOI anywhere in the article, just the ubiquitous term muslim.

So now unsuspecting islamophobes will link the story and muslims (aka the non NOI kind) will be blamed for some wackos we have nothing to do with. I mean, come on, do we not have enough wackos in our midst that we need to take the blame for NOI wackos as well?


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