Monday, August 20, 2007


Last night in my internet surfage, I happened upon a new online store that was geared towards the active muslimah. It didn't have much yet - 2 shirts and a swimsuit - but it was only a few weeks old, and will probably put more up later. It looks like the stuff is from Indonesia, which is uber cool. The hijabi fashions there are awesome, but up until now, I hadn't found any place online that sold them.

Only problem? I didn't save the link, and my googling isn't turning anything up. Dang!

However, in related news, it looks like the hijabi swimwear industry is taking off. I still *heart* my splashgear, and will most likely buy from them again once I loose enough weight (inshaAllah) to get need a smaller size. 10 pounds down, 25 to go!


Rebecca said...

unrelated to your post with the exception that it deals with clothing and it is something that I have been meaning to as you since you are the only other person I know who shops at Shukr...

How do you find the Shukr skirt/pant lengths?

I am 5'7" and when I am in the large size, the length is perfect. I am wondering if the length will be too short if I ever can get smaller than a large (first I have to get back to a large!)

rahma said...

Alas, I have little experience with anything other than a size L.

According to their length chart - - M is 2 inches shorter.

I would think that if you're interested in longer skirts, that you could email them and suggest a line for taller sisters. I know quite a few sisters online that complain that they can never find clothes that are long enough for them.

Rebecca said...

2" shorter is definitely too short. A good excuse to stay in a large LOL.

have you heard anything about this