Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The part you didn't see

To watch later, only so that I am fully informed about the whole issue. I have only read about the infamous debate between Wafa Sultan and the "radical, fundamentalist cleric," but from the looks of it, the widely viewed MEMRI clip was only part of the story.

One comment I've read often after this is posted is how stupid the cleric looked, and that he didn't respond. Well, looks like he did respond, but that his responses were edited out. Will post more after I view it.

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rebecca said...

MEMRI's translations are notoriously poor, as well as their editing. I saw the full length clip about a year ago as well as translations of the text from sources without the agenda MEMRI has. Some of it is nuance, but nuance that makes a difference in the overall meaning of the translation. MEMRI's translation of the Palestinian "Mickey Mouse" cartoon were terrible as well.