Friday, May 25, 2007

Imam Ibn Tammiyah (ra) on takfir

Translated by Imam Suhaib Webb.

“It is not allowed to declare any Muslim an apostate for a sin he committed, or a mistake he made. Such as, an error related to differences surrounding issues of Ijtihad (3) . Allah says in His noble book, “Forgive us our Lord. And to You is the final return.” (4) It is related in the al-Sahih (5): that Allah (may He be exalted) answered this supplication and forgave the believers for any mistakes they committed.
Continued at the link above. Hmm, I wonder how we could apply this in today's modern world?

A few of Imam Suihab's talks are available for free here, here, here and here. His "Mothers of the Believers" cd series can be purchased many places online, and is quite excellent.

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