Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Goin to the masjid...inshaAllah

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Ok, doing a quasi happy dance/impatient stomp. Why? Because this Friday is suppose to be the reopening of Masjid an Nur. "Suppose to" being the key phrase of course. Despite the fact that this masjid is predominantly African American, they still seem to be afflicted with the maladies that effects the immigrant portion of our american muslim community - chronic lateness.

It wasn't long after I became muslim that I was introduced to the concept of "muslim time. And I'm not just talkin a few mintues late...noooo, sometimes I've witnessed people come hours after the appointed time. Being that I'm an increadibly impatient person, this doesn't really mesh with me. You say you're going to pick me up to go somewhere at 5, I'm waiting outside my door at 4:55. I've gotten a lot of practice learning how to remain calm in the face of tardiness, especially since marrying my (formerly) chronically late husband. Alhamdulilah, he understands now how important it is for me that I'm on time places, and he does an excellent job being (mostly) on time.

So, it would be no suprise if the masjid doesn't open on Friday, but please, ya Allah, please let it open on time! I haven't been to the masjid for anything other than praying since Ramadan. Ok, there was the time I attempted to go to another masjid for jummah, but it was in arabic, so I can't really count that as going for something other than prayer since I spend the entire khutbah trying to stay awake.

I neeeed a muslim community where I fit, where I belong, and I hope, inshaAllah that I can find it at Masjid an Nur. I attended a few jummahs there before and during Ramadan last year, but then they closed for renovations. I can't wait to go to jummah each week in a beautiful new masjid, where everyone is so friendly, and people actually talk to me. Plus, this masjid is really involved in helping the community. It's kind of a dream come true, a place where people actually live the whole deen, and reflect Nur out on the rest of the community.

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