Monday, December 11, 2006

Burnt Out & Scripting "Terrorism"

I was a poli sci and religious studies major in college. So, of course I should be brimming with opinions related to islam in the news, right? Well, yes, I do tend to have a lot of opinions, but recently, I'm not too fond of expressing them online. I used to be a frequent poster CF, a large christian message board. I became the token muslim, who had to trot out every time a muslim somewhere did something stupid and condemn it. And, it I didn't condemn it forcefully enough, or quickly enough, people would assume I supported the stupid act. In addition, it was difficult to argue my perspective, because their asinine rule against "promoting other religions" prevented me from linking to sources that portrayed islam in a positive light. I once got slapped for posting a link to a list of muslims who condemn terrorism (in response to a poster claiming muslims don't condemn terrorism), because it was on the ISNA website. Do'h! After several years of on demand condemnation, and never seeming to make any headway, I've burnt myself out on internet political commentary.

But, that doesn't mean I still don't like to read a good politically oriented piece in the muslim blogosphere. And alhamdulilah, we have some excellent commentators out there. It's unfortunate that their voices aren't heard by a wider audience.

ThePolemicist has an excellent commentary on what he calls "The Ghettoest Terror Plot in History" where a supposed lone wolf plotted to grenade bomb a mall in Illinois. Excellent excellent excellent.

And so what this becomes is the most ghetto terror plot in history. Shareef is a broke ass punk. Even his sister won't lend him money. And so, in order to keep this thing moving, CS is most likely the one who proposed that Shareef sell his ghetto stereo speakers (the affidavit says CS and Shareef discussed it, but we know what that really means). Wait, let me guess what Plan C was—getting the grenades on layaway??

Clearly the government agent is simply groping for a way for Shareef to continue with this "plot." Broke. No access to cash. So they settled on the one barterable good the guy has. Stereo speakers! And they're gonna get with those speakers? 4 grenades and 2 hand guns??? But CS said the grenades were $50 each. So that means the grenade set cost $200. What do the guns cost? Maybe $100 each? What about bullets? So that's at least $300. Do you seriously think that broke ass Shareef's speakers are worth $300??

Now this gets even more cartoonish. This is a caricature of previous terrorist plots. Shareef and CS talked the day earlier about shaving their pubes, a supposed rite among Muslim terrorists before they attack. Now they make their 'martyrdom' videos. Haha, what bullshit man. Whose idea was this? The affidavit doesn't mention this. Moreover, how did they get the camcorder? Do you think broke ass Shareef had one? Shareef makes some speech, seems like it's written by CS. None of the ghetto talk and cussing in it. Seems like a textbook speech.

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