Friday, August 24, 2007

Jummah jummah jummah!

I'm doing my happy jummah dance, which is kind of like a conga line - jummah, jummah, jummah (kick), jummah, jummah, jummah (kick). It's all in my head off course, since I think the folks at the office might think I've finally lost it if I did a conga line of one around my cubical.

Whilst browsing through flickr looking for jummah appropriate pictures, I happened upon this baby. Now tell me, isn't this just the happiest lookin baby you've ever seen? MashAllah. Babies smiling must be a sign of Allah (swt).

Other jummah pics (click for their sources)

After Jummah in Cairo

Jummah in Maldives

Jummah in Hyderabad

Jummah at the Islamic Cultures Expo

Friday Prayer at the Hussein Mosque, Cairo

Jummah in Turkey

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