Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Iftar Organization

Despite my best effort not to, I often spend a lot of time during Ramadan obsessing over iftar, especially with what I'm going to make. Well, this year, no more! I'm making up an iftar calendar, planning out all my meals ahead of time, and then inshaAllah, iftars will be less rushing around, and less obsessing, which leave me more time for ibadah.

The set up is simple - 8 rows, 3 columns. The top row is labeled Day/Menu/What is Needed. The first column is labeled down with the days of the week. Here I can type out what I'd like to make each day, what ingredients are needed, and then print it out. Once it's printed out, I can cross out the ingredients I already have at home and wa'la, it's an instant shopping list for the week.

Other Ramadan iftar plans include making stuff on Sunday that is easy to reheat during the week, and making a lot of stir fry - it's easy, has lots of veggies and is filling. Make enough for iftars so that there are leftovers for suhoor, or if your family likes to snack through the night. I also always make gorp/trailmix to leave around for snacking. It also makes a great iftar on the go if you have night classes or won't be home for iftar. My mix includes cheerios, raisons, craisons, honey roasted peanuts, mixed nuts and chocolate chips.

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