Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Great Minnesota Get Together

I have a very schizophrenic relationship with the state of Minnesota. On one hand - it feels like home (aka Wisconsin). We also have awesome public radio. But, there are some things lacking that make me long to move elsewhere - a tightknit muslim community where I can feel at home, a place where I don't need to drive everywhere to get stuff done.

Well, chalk another one up in the yaay Minnesota category. Every year, the State Fair is the Great Minnesota Get Together - people from all walks of life, socio economic strata, ethnic groups, rural, urban, everyone, meets in Saint Paul to celebrate what makes this state Great - mainly food on a stick. This year, it gets even better.

In the past, we've had to leave early because there's really no place to make salat. This year however, we're staying the whole day, because there's a meditation room that will be open for salat! Alhamdulilah! Look for it between the Education and 4-H buildings. I think CAIR Minnesota had something to do with it, so thanks guys!

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