Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Polygany blogs hit the mainstream

Ok, I admit it, I'm an avid reader of polygany blogs. Although I don't have time to watch soap operas, I'm thoroughly addicted to these online, real life muslim mini soaps that have unfolded in front of my very eyes over the past few years. I'll recount the tales to the husband, flaburgasted by what I read - OMG, guess what happened to HA this time?

The husband then takes the opportunity to make polygany jokes, to which I remind him that he's certainly allowed to have more than one wife - I just won't be one of them. And, as always, he smiles, hugs me and tells me that one wife is headache enough. It's a long running joke between us, although I do have a clause in my marriage contract that gives me the right to an excellent settlement and divorce if he decides down the road to become polyganous. We continue to have serious, deen-y talks about the subject, exploring hypotheticals, but at this point in my life and most likely in the future, I'll stick to monogamy.

Now, polygany blogs have lept from the shadows and landed in the mainstream media, or at least at Polyganous Blessings is on my CW (cowife) blog roll, although she rarely updates it anymore. There have been several CW bloggers, but unfortunately, most don't write for very long. HA and Safa update much more regularly, and I've laughed and cried along with them on their journeys down the bumpy road of polygany. There are other CW (and ex CW) blogs out there that are accessable through the spiderweb of blogrolls, but HA and Safa are definately the cream of the crop.

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