Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dave Chappelle finally coming out?

Via MR:

The comedian Dave Chappelle has been shy about broadcasting his muslim faith. Rumors abounded when he absconded to South Africa and dissed his highly rated comedy central show. Had he finally cracked, or was he seeking spiritual solas with fellow muslims.

Now, it looks like he's finally embracing his muslim identity and producing a full length video of the Allah Made me Funny Comedy Tour. Br. MR has a press release on his blog, although I can't seem to find it on the tour website. I hope he talks about his faith more often.


Mikael Pittam said...

As salamu 'alaykum

There is a link and some background info on the press release here: IslamCrunch

rebecca said...

Sarah could tell you a story about a friend of her recently encountering Dave Chapelle in a bar/restaurant and what came from his mouth. Yikes!

rahma said...

wa alaikum assalam, thanks for the link Mikael.

Rebecca, I think I remember reading that is why Dave has been reluctant to be publically identified as muslim - that his bad behavior would reflect poorly on Islam. I'm kinda hoping that this move is a sign that he's getting more serious about his public image and behavior.

rebecca said...

Hopefully it is a sign of change if he is going to be more public, but it was probably less than a month ago that Sarah's friend had her run-in with him.