Monday, July 23, 2007

Australia is oh so far away...

...and everything in Australia seems to be a wee bit on the expensive side, but dang, this site has some great hijab ideas!

This underscarf/shirt would make clothes shopping so much easier! Unfortunately it seems that most cute shirts have a wide/deep neck, and my scarves never seem to stay when I try to cover up the gaping maw. The scarves are also cute (but waaay too expensive), and the styling going on with the undershirts and scarves looks fabulous.

Umm Yasmin purchased some and has a review.

*daydreams* Maybe someone will sell these in the US someday.


Seeker of the truth said...


Just wanted to thank you for writing a post about the underscarves. They are so cool!:) I just wrote to the owner inquiring about whether or not they take international orders. I've been looking for this kind of stuff for ages! Now, why did I never think of it myself.

rahma said...

Wa salaam,

Aren't they total awesomeness? I've tried to do something similar with those fake turleneck dickies, but it just never looked quite as smooth as this.

Let me know what she tells you. I may have to break down and order internationally.