Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tariq Ramadan on Public Radio

PRI's the World had Tariq Ramadan on last night in response to a segment they had with Paul Berman, who had apparently criticized Mr. Ramadan. It's an ok interview, but without a lot of substance. However, the very end is the most telling. He says something to the effect that when people interview him, they're constantly asking him to condemn this, condemn that, to say what Islam is not, but that it would be better if we spend time talking about what Islam IS. Oh how I wish that could be the case.

In a previous post, I linked to an excellent lecture by Mr. Ramadan, with a lot more substance, and taking a positive, not a "is not" approach to Islam. If you haven't listened to it, make time and listen.

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rebecca said...

Last night I was thinking of something along similar lines...

As Muslims we are often asked to denounce terrorism, protests gone awry, etc,

How often are people of other religions asked to do the same? Asked to define themselves by stating what they are not, what they don't condemn rather than what they do believe.

Peculiar times.