Monday, June 4, 2007

Scarves for the active hijabi

Ok, I'm trying hard not to get tooooo excited here. As I've blogged about in the past, it's a constant struggle to find modest clothes to run in. Finding a scarf that doesn't overheat my head has been the hardest. I'm currently using a light cotton scarf that breathes, but it keeps all the sweat in, rather than wicking it away like specialty fabrics do. So at the end of a run, my head is soaking, yuck!

I even tried to make my own al amirah out of an old running shirt, but alas, after I cut the fabric, I remember I couldn't sew.

But, those days of worrying may be behind me. I came across a website from Canada this morning called Queendom Hijabs. According to their website:
We cater to the active woman, the one who runs the marathons, hits the gym, goes to school, holds her job, all while still looking modest and stylish. The focus is on function. We want each hijab to move with you without having to re-adjust and restyle.

Oooo, it's almost too good to be true! The only thing I'm worried about is that they look kinda short, and I need a scarf that provides funner coverage in the collar bone area. Since I wear larger men's shirts for modesty reasons, the neck hole is usually larger, and I have a hard time finding scarves that stay put and cover. But, I suppose I could always sew the neck hole smaller. Even someone who can't sew couldn't screw that up right?

*updated* I ordered this one:

Runner's fit

Fits all
Modern crisp and clean
Absorbant layer undeneath crown
Complements your sports clothing

Well, I'm not sure about the last once, since my pants are gray and my shirt is black, but it will definately lighten things up a bit.

I may also get this one that's advertised as highly breathable later on.

I asked the site owner about the length of the scarves, and she said that they're longer than they appear in the picture. It should be long enough to cover the top of the chest down to the top of the boosoms area, so inshaAllah that will be good enough to cover the large neck holes of my running shirts.

*happy dance*

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