Thursday, February 1, 2007

Keep your tongue moist with the Rememberance of Allah (swt)

Abdullah ibn Busr (ra) narrated that:

A man came to the Prophet (saws) and said, "Oh Prophet of Allah, the laws of Islam have become too much for us. So, is there one thing that we can hold on to that would be inclusive (of many other things?)"

He (saws) replied, "Keep your tongue moist with the remembrance of Allah, most Exalted, Sublime."

Sahih hadith from Ahmed

SubhanAllah. I was on the bus last night, and getting a little bored of the NPR newscast playing on my ipod. I turned it off, and rummaged around in my purse for something else to keep me occupied. I pulled out "Remember me and I Will Remember You." The preceeding hadith is the first thing in the book after the table of contents. SubhanAllah.

We will often say that Islam is a complete way of life. There is an answer for everything, and as such, there are a lot of rules to follow. I know I will often feel overwhelmed by it all. SubhanAllah, I'm not alone. Even at the time of our blessed Prophet (saws), people felt that all the rules, all the requirements, were too much to bear. How did the Prophet (saws) respond? By berating them? No! By pointing them towards God. Remember God! SubhanAllah. Verily, with God people to find rest.

Sa'd ibn Abee Waqqas (ra) narrated that:

We were with the Prophet (saws) and he asked us, "Is one of you incapable of earning a thousand good deeds every day?"

So one of the people in the audience asked, "How could we get a thousand good deeds?"

So he (saws) said, "Whoever glorifies Allah one hundred times, a thousand good deeds are written for him or a thousand of his bad deeds are removed."

Recorded in Muslim

SubhanAllah (Glory be to God)!


Anonymous said...

Please see question in comments section of "Muslims in Print"

Baraka said...


Jazak Allah khair for this reminder - I find dhikr to be one of the most beautiful, calming and centering things one can do during the day.


rahma said...

Assalamu Alaikum anonymous - I haven't read any written books on Khadija (ra), but I do know that Suhaib Webb did a CD lecture series on the Wives of the Prophet call "Mothers of the Believers." I haven't listened to it yet, but they do talk abougt Khadija (ra).

Assalamu Alaikum baraka - indeed, subhanAllah! Dhikr is the highlight of my day as well.

Ruqayya said...

I just love dping dhikr whether its alone or with people, although its more enjoyable with people. I feel that a great burden is lifted from my heart each time i do dhikr, i am so greatfull to Allah for giving such a blessing as dhikr.
loving sister in islam