Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hijabed running

Finding proper running attire for a hijabi is a never ending quest. Running isn't a sport known for modest apperal. Runners tend to peel off layers as it gets hotter, ending up in short shorts and a sports bra. For hijabis, that's not really an option, unless you're running inside on a treadmill. And, I'm not a big fan of teadmill running. I prefer the great outdoors, and running in road races. Running slowly, I should hasten to add, but still running never the less.

I'm constantly adding and subtracting pieces from my wardrobe. This past weekend, I went running shoe shopping (yaay, new shoes!), and found what may be the perfect hijabi running shirt, at least for a person my size. It's a men's Mizuno Renegade VI XL long sleeve shirt, very very lightweight, in grey with green stripes. They had the same shirt in white with blue stripes, but alas, white tends to be a little see through. The best part is that it was clearenced. $19.99, huzzah! *side note* While searching for a picture to add to this post, I found a bunch more of this style. *must...stop...self...from...buying...more*

I like to shop in the men's section for shirts instead of in the women's section for one reason - fit. Women's sports tops tend to be very fitted, tight across the chest, and stop above the hips. Men's shirts tend to be looser all around, AND if you buy them large enough, they hang down to mid-thigh. If you're like me, you'll have to shorten the sleeves, but it's better than running in a long sleeve cotton shirt. I'd been doing that recently at the gym. Yuck! The sweat clings to the shirt, you get stinky, and you're never cool.

Here's my current running outfit:

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Lycra Al Amirah in black or grey from HijabWorld - while the lycra is much better than cotton (wet soggy mess), it's still a little hot. I may expirment soon with wearing a buff as the underscarf part

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Mizuno Renegade VI shirt

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Black and Grey Capris from Target. Because I have such short, stubby legs, at my current pants size, capris are as long as regular pants for me. inshaAllah when (if) I lose weight, I'll fit length wise in regular sports pants.
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Aaaaand, my new babies, my new shoes - Mizuno Women's Inspire 3. I *heart* them. My feet *heart* them. My toes *heart* them. I picked out my last pair of shoes myself. Baaaad idea. I didn't know anything about overprotinating, supinating, support, control, and whatnot. I picked out what was comfy on the clearence rack of DSWs. If you're considering running, do yourself a favor and head over to a specialty running shop. Have a knowledgable salesperson fit your feet and get a shoe that supports your foot type. Your feet will thank you.

If anyone out there is a hijab-ed runner, drop me a line. I'd like to find other muslimahs out there who run.


Salihah صالحه said...

Assalaamu Alaykum!

What a great outfit! I used to run a lot in high school at a female healthclub, and haven't done it for *awhile* ;) I'd love to get running again, especially with the weather turning nice, and I'd really prefer to run outdoors. This sort of outfit looks just right. It would work for kayaking, too, which is always a challenge as a hijabi...especially because you need non-cumbersome clothes that dry fast (in case you fall in!)

Glad to find your blog! If you're ever looking for a Minneapolis running friend, drop me line! Although I'm sloooow. My husband walks as fast as I run. ;)

(Found your blog off your UmmahMuslimah.net profile.)

rahma said...

Hey, wa alaikum assalam!

I'm a really slow runner too, and my husband walks as fast as I run as well too, lol! In fact, we signed up for a 5k together last year, and I trained diligently for 2 months, and he didn't do anything. I steared us towards the back of the starting line, and told him to go slow. When the race started, bam he was off. He finished faster than me, doh. But, his legs hurt for quite some time afterwards and I was just fine, so hahaha.

If you're looking for an outfit for kayaking, can I recommend an awesome hijabi swimsuit? I think I blogged about it awhile back - www.splashgearusa.com - it's lightweight and dries really quickly. I have one that I wear swimming at the Y, and I *heart* it.

Maybe in a few months I will take you up on your running offer inshaAllah. Feel free to email me - rahmaa@gmail.com or hijabirunner@gmail.com