Thursday, January 4, 2007

New Year, Same 'ol Goals

Predictably, I've made some goals to accomplish this year. In the dunya side of things, I'm eating breakfast at least 4 times a week, because, um apparently, it's good for you. I'm also going swimming once a week, and to the gym 3 days a week. We get a deal at the local Y through our health insurance, but we have to go 12 times a month, or no deal. Thus, because I'm cheap, I'm forced to exercise or pay big $$$. Huzzah!

Slightly deen-y related, I'm in contact with the lady who runs the SplashGear website about getting some swimpants custom fit for my short stubby legs. She has been uber nice and responded to all of my questions with lengthy and informative answers. She gets an A++++ in the customer service department from me. Once I get the swimsuit and take it for spin, I'll give a full review.

It's been forever since I've gone swimming. I passed through the highest level of swim lessons our school district had to offer and passed the life guarding test at the youngest age I could take it. I wasn't a particularly fast swimmer - I was on the swim team for one year before I figured out I was really really slow - but I could swim for hours without getting tired. I loved being in the water. Unfortunately, after I took a job as a lifeguard, I developed very strong self conscious feelings about how I looked in a swimsuit. I wasn't fat. I was just a little on the chubby side, but all the other life guards were svelte athletes.

So, I didn't sign up to lifeguard again. I stopped swimming. A few years passed, and I converted to Islam and after that, started wearing hijab. I attempted to go to sisters only swimming sessions, but whenever I went, no one else was there.

Hijabi geared swimwear has been popping up, and I've been looking for something decent. The turkish stuff looks a wee bit too much like a rain coat for me, while ahiida looks pretty good, but it's really expensive coming from Australia. I do believe though, that I've come upon the perfect swimwear at the SplashGear website. I'm getting this outfit in black (I think), although I'm now wavering between that and this navy blue. Anyone have any thoughts?

Ok, totally deen-y, my goal this year is to learn all the surahs that MountHira creates tutorials for. I also have arabic on my plate again. I've dabbled in it before, taking a semester in college, and attempting to teach myself, but I've forgotten just about everything. inshaAllah husband will be helping me this time around :)

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