Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Muslim a Day

Way back in the day, shortly after I converted to Islam, I stumbled upon the website of HijabMan. It stuck in my mind, not only for his fascinating writing, but also because he mentioned he read the same horrendously long, drawn out fantasy series that I do. His website has evolved since then, and I've enjoyed reading what he's written, browsing through his pictures, and coveting his uber cool shirts.

Now, he's launched a fascinating new website - A Muslim A Day - destroying the myth of a muslim monolith.

I’m not a photographer nor am I a journalist trained to seek out
interesting subjects and present them neatly labeled and interpreted. I am just
an American Muslim who travels, studies, and sells funky t-shirts along the way.

The main thrust of Muslim-A-Day is simply to show the multiple facets of Muslims lives. The best ideas always seem to be the simplest ones, don’t they? Here we are, you and I, presented each day with images of Muslims as the enemy… the veiled,
bearded, mysterious enemy that worships a God named Allah.

That’s where Muslim-A-Day enters. Muslim-A-Day aims to provide you with a photograph of a Muslim everyday. Here, you’ll find Muslims in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some have piercings, some wear the veil, some are clean shaven, some are even Malaysian (Imagine that!). They all believe in Al-lah. Literal translation? The
[One] God.

When the opportunities presented themselves, I captured the faces that touched us. I love to witness the reflection of the Divine in all that I experience; I love to make you a witness by posting these photos.And many thanks to all of the contributors, past present and future. Those of you all over the world who join me in debunking the myth of a Muslim Monolith.


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