Thursday, January 11, 2007

Anti-war scarf?

Dur. At Kabobfest:

The Kaffiya Kraze: Revisited

With a great deal of discomfort and a tad bit of pissed-off-ness, I regret to (re)inform the KABOB-o-sphere that Palestine has officially become a trend…That's right folks, for a mere $20.00 (or 75.0127 Saudi Riyal) you too can jump on the socially stupid hipster-doofus bandwagon by rocking your very own "Anti-War Woven Scarf!" (available only at Urban Outfitters… or..err..uh… the Middle East)


Besides – what the hell is so "anti-war" about a kaffiya anyway? Are people wearing it in solidarity with the Iraqis? If so, which Iraqis? And what do they propose the US' role should be in the country after the war is over? I wonder how many of these "anti-war" Iraqi solidarity fashion moguls voted to reinstate G.W. Bush for second term in 2004 - or didn't show their solidarity with the millions of Iraqi children who suffered and/or died during 10 brutal years of American endorsed UN sanctions... oi vey!

I don't know about you – but I, for one, don't appreciate being tokenized! What next - a FUBU yarmulka? Puh-leez! If you're sincere in your display of solidarity, buy your kaffiyas from here.

More of the kafiyya in another Kabobfest post

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Emily said...

ISLAMOfashion -- a hilarious mock-umentary created about the kuffiyeh kraze. You've got to check it out!