Monday, December 4, 2006


I was gifted with a beautiful iPod nano in honor of the completion of my paralegal certification, forthcoming in 2 weeks. This has opened up a whole new segment of the online ummah to me - podcasting. In addition to traditional islamic downloads like the Qur'an and lectures in mp3 format, several ingenius brothers and sisters have created excellent weekly/occasional audio files available for download on a variety of subjects. I've stuffed my 2 gig beauty full to the gills, and still have more lectures and quran waiting in iTunes.

Currently on my iPod:

The Qur'an - I've got probably 15 full recitations of the Qur'an by different people on cd. Choosing at random, I've uploaded Zaki Daghistani. I think I may upload Abdul Baset next, but I'm not sure.

Qur'an Weekly Podcast - A portion of the Qur'an made available each week for download, with arabic and english recitations. Perfect for the non arabic speaking muslim on the go.

Mecca One Radio - recordings of an excellent muslim radio show out in California. Their website has the programs available to listen to online.

Somewhat on a tangent, they used to sell awesome iPod parody shirts. I never got a chance to order one. *sigh* One of their designs is at the beginning of this post. Scroll through the gallery at deenport for a thumbnails of 2 others.

AlHambra Productions - from the folks at Zaytuna Institute. These guys always have something brilliant to say subhanAllah.

Radical Middle Way - Search for it on iTunes. If youre not lucky enough to live in England so that you can hear these amazing talks in person, they're also available on their website.

Waiting to go on my iPod:

ADAMS Qurtaba Institute

Any suggestions for other good islam related podcasts? Since I've gotten my iPod, my commute to work (one hour each way) and and my workday have seemed much more fruitful. Stressed? Plug in the headphones and there's the quran, at my fingertips.


rebecca said...

I would love to see more of your podcast finds. My husband recently bought an MP3 player and has asked me to try to locate some good lectures.

rahma said...

I think you would really like the Islam from Inside one - - it's just one lecture by William Chittick, but it's excellent.

Other than that, I've now listened through all the alhambra ones and the middle way ones, and liked them all. I also download a variety of NPR podcasts for variety.