Friday, December 1, 2006

my journey thus far

I left Wisconsin, my birthplace, in the summer of 2001, being at the time the age of 19, with the intention of searching for spiritual meaning in my life.

I set out alone, finding no companion to cheer the way with friendly intercourse, and no party of travellers with whom to associate myself. Swayed by an overmastering impulse within me, and a long-cherished desire to visit those glorious sanctuaries, I resolved to quit all my friends and tear myself away from my home...

...ok, ok, so I didn't actually leave Wisconsin, but I did log onto the world wide web and began the online spiritual journey that I still find myself on today. Also, I didn't actually dump all my friends. In fact, I found quite a few new ones along the way (one of whom I married, hi sweetie *waves*).

Anyways, back to my narrative, in August 2000, I found myself at a Lutheran University, enrolled in the honors college. Little did good lutheran parents know, but the curriculum taught to smart little freshmen often had a very negative impact on their faith. Throughout the school year, my faith gradually weakened to the point of near shatterable fragility.

In the midst of this all,I signed up to by a counselor at a youth camp I had frequented as a child...a christian youth camp. Freshman year ended, and off I went, faith dangling by a thread. Lots happened, and the little faith I had left in Christianity and the Bible shattered. I found myself on, ordering a number of religious books, including a copy of the Qur'an.

I returned to the lutheran university for my sophmore year and threw myself headfirst into the world of online religious content. I explored buddhism, universalism, christianity, the baha'i faith, wicca, paganism, you name it, I probably read about it. I signed onto ICQ and yahoo chatrooms, and met people of a wide variety of faiths.

Along this journey, I found myself sticking more and more to one particular branch in the road - Islam. I will inshaAllah expand this section when I have more time. Suffice to say, after reading about Islam online and talking with muslims (including the one who would eventually become my husband alhamdulilah), at a certain point, I knew I believed La ilaha il Allah, Muhammadur rasul Allah. Even after accepting Islam, I continued to journey around the muslim ummah online. And alhamdulilah, it grows everyday, so there's always something new for me to find.

In this humble blog, I hope to document the internet resources that have been helpful to me over these last years as a seeker and then as a believer, and those that I continue to find and use as I seek to become a muminah, inshaAllah ta'ala.

I will most likely revise this entry from time to time, as I have more time to devote to reflecting on the happenings and whatnot of my conversion.

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